Doreen Xu




When I’m out of office

You can find me traveling, rappelling, taking megaformer classes, and learning new things and skills.

Most unexpected college class?

Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory – how to live life well, according to philosophers from 2500 years ago, applied to the modern age.

The Hyperscale strategy is uniquely differentiated and unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere. As a member of the Buyouts team, my investment banking and private equity experience informs the work that we do evaluating investment opportunities.

AI and machine learning are going to revolutionize business processes for years and decades to come. While other places may invest in AI technology, we apply the technology to augment business processes, and we have a deeply technical operations team that allows us to do that.

So many industries can benefit from AI, but most companies don’t have the infrastructure or people to use it or build it themselves. By identifying which industries could benefit the most and investing in the technology, either from an existing startup or organically, we can really Hyperscale and create extraordinary value for those businesses. Ultimately, we partner with great teams to build market-leading companies.

Prior experience:

  • Private equity in New York I evaluated and executed traditional leveraged buyout transactions in New York for two private equity firms, one with a TMT focus and another with a generalist focus.
  • Investment banker at Qatalyst I worked on a variety of sell-side M&A transactions for the tech boutique Qatalyst in San Francisco.

The Team

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